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“Max Markt,” a valued client, is seeking to establish a strong online footprint and elevate their SEO performance. To achieve this goal, DarkStar has been engaged by Max Markt. Collaborating closely with this esteemed B2C & B2B entity, our experts have orchestrated the design and execution of an all-encompassing digital plan. The outcome has been remarkable, as it has led to substantial escalation in revenue figures.”
About Max markt
Max Markt, a visionary organization on a mission to aid immigrants in preserving their cultural essence and fostering a sense of belonging through the medium of food. With an unwavering belief in the power of culinary traditions, Max Markt is dedicated to enabling individuals to maintain their cultural heritage even in distant lands. Their collective endeavor is to facilitate a connection to ancestral roots and to infuse the flavors of home into every dining experience.

The challenge

Undertaking a bold mission requires innovative solutions. As Max Markt embarked on the journey to preserve cultural ties through the language of food, a critical challenge arose: how to seamlessly translate this profound vision into a dynamic and user-centric digital platform. Our task was to craft an entirely new UI/UX design and execute comprehensive web development, all harmoniously converging to create an exceptional eCommerce website.

The challenge lay in capturing the essence of Max Markt’s commitment—connecting people with their heritage through flavors—within a digital framework. We needed to ensure that the website not only facilitated seamless transactions but also evoked the emotions and memories tied to each culinary offering. Striking the balance between functionality and emotion was at the heart of our endeavor.

Guided by Max Markt’s dedication to their customers and their authentic product range, our challenge was to transform this commitment into an intuitive user experience. We aimed to empower visitors to effortlessly explore a wide array of traditional ingredients sourced from various countries, all while making the website an embodiment of Max Markt’s values.

Navigating this challenge required a fusion of creativity, technology, and a deep understanding of the brand’s essence. The result was an immersive digital platform that not only serves as an online store but also captures the cultural narrative and culinary traditions that Max Markt embodies.”


Business impact

Culminating our collaboration with Max Markt, our transformative UI/UX design and comprehensive web development efforts have ushered in a new era of digital connection. This synergy has not only elevated the brand’s online presence but also enriched the customer experience, resulting in heightened engagement and conversions. Through our partnership, Max Markt now stands equipped to effortlessly unite cultural heritage with modern convenience, fostering lasting connections with their diverse audience.”

Organic transactions increased


Organic conversion rate improved


Increase new users from organic traffic

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

As part of our partnership, Max Markt has the advantage of having a dedicated DarkStaar account manager who serves as the primary point of contact, working closely with our team of experts to ensure that the partnership yields the desired outcomes. Max Markt has expressed their satisfaction with our collaboration, saying,

“MaxMarkt has become an extension of our marketing team. They provide us with a robust digital strategy that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve without their support. Our marketing team is small, but with Numerique, we can accomplish so much more.”

For Max Markt, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

+40 %


236 %

Increase in organic sessions

131 %

Increase in organic contact form submissions

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